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 Hello all!

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Arnold SanDiego

Arnold SanDiego

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PostSubject: Hello all!   Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:21 pm

Hey everyone!

Name's Arnold San Diego (not from there LOL).  I had the chance to come down to the Temple Prime practice in Buena Park, California on Tuesday 4/5/16 and had a blast!  I know Robb Yanagihara from local troops here in Southern California.  I'm with the Mandalorian Mercs (Manda'galaar Clan / Los Angeles) and am very interested in joining Saber Guild as well.  

So far, I've just ordered my first dueling saber from Ultrasabers.  I used my sons' sabers last week.  I'm also looking at getting a Sith soft goods set from The Jedi Closet and am currently looking around for boots.  I've got huge calves, so it may be a bit difficult LOL.  

In any case, thank you for having me here.  I'm gonna look around and learn a few things.  Looking forward to joining the next practice.  Unfortunately, due to work and family, I may only be able to make it to practice every other week. I understand the practices are usually weekly so I'm not sure how that will impact my application or participation.  Anyways, looking forward to meeting locals and chatting with you all.

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Hello all!
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