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 Costume Upgrade Regulations

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PostSubject: Costume Upgrade Regulations   Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:52 pm

Changes that can approved locally: Addition of basic makeup. Any combination of the below that is 25% or under. Further changes cannot be made within six months. If further changes are desired before six months is up, they must be submitted to the Costuming Consulars using the method detailed below. This does not apply to costume repairs, such as fixing rips and tears.

If Global sees a change that a Local Director/LCC has approved and disagrees with the quality, Global has a right to require a submission, evaluation and any modifications. If this happens three times within one temple, the temple will lose their local costume upgrade approval privileges.
Boots: 10%
Belt: 10%
Obi: 10%
Tabards: 15%
Pants: 5%
Tunic: 30%
Undertunic: 5%
Cloak: 15%
Saber: 5%
Makeup: 15%
Prosthetics (montrals, leeku, species-based masks, horns): 30%
Gloves: 5%
Accessories (i.e. electronics, greebles, jewelry, bracers/gauntlets): 10%
Mask: 30%
Pouch(es): 5%
Armor (excluding bracers/gauntlets): 30%
If any portion of your soft pieces is changed to an “alternative” color, you must resubmit.
For clarity, tunic changes must be resubmitted. Any additions of prosthetics, combinations of prosthetics and makeup, and masks must be resubmitted. Addition of armor must be resubmitted.
Important: If you are deviating from our costume standards or going for something out-of-the-box (i.e. designs on tabards), you should still have your LCCs check with the Costuming Consulars before moving forward.
Process for Resubmission:
Send clear, full body shot and closeup shots of additions/upgrades (front, back, and both sides) to LCC, who will post on forum thread if they feel the changes are ready to be approved.
Include bio if different from original. 

Note: Costuming Consulars will be evaluating upgrades/additions only.

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Costume Upgrade Regulations
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