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 AOTC Kenobi / Generic Jedi

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PostSubject: AOTC Kenobi / Generic Jedi   Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:22 am

So Gabriel mentioned he made this forum, and I figured I would break it in with my long running project.

This project started several years ago with a saber, the ultra Sabers Guardian....sort of. I had bought it from a guy who had rewired it. It was cheap, but the guy really didn't know what he was doing, so I will have to have my temple's saber expert rewire it at some point:

I made an old Ben inspired Jedi for the rebel legion(wanted to do an old Ben, but had several roadblocks that made it never so). But I never submit that Jedi here to saber guild because I wasn't happy with it. With some prodding from others in my temple who wanted me to have something other than a palpatine for shows I eventually set off to make a new costume, which I hope to use as an AOTC Obi-Wan, and a generic Jedi. 

So I had the saber already, the next thing I needed was the fabric. According to the "Dressing the Galaxy book" The Obi-Wan tunic was made from an Indian home spun fabric. That is a very vague summary of the fabric, and is virtually impossible to find. Many people make their Prequel Obi-Wans out of a crinkle material, which looks nice enough, but really isn't accurate. I am an accuracy freak(Which you will see as this goes on), someone on the Rebel Legion forum had found a very nice fabric on Dharma Trading, which when washed shrinks quite a bit and is probably the closest fabric to the prequel obi-wan costumes. So I ordered the fabric, and I washed it, and I fell in love!

Warning for anyone buying this fabric, it looks nothing like Obi-wan until shrunk, once shrunk it looks beautiful, BUT, it shrinks significantly. I ended up with 30 yards of it, after shrinking it was closer to 25 yards. I've since dyed to be a light Tan, which I unfortunately have no pictures of.

Another note on this fabric, Episode 2 and 3 are the same fabrics, and after a rebel legion member did some tests due to the photo lighting it was deduced that episode 2 and 3 are the same color. Some people have told me episode I is the same fabric, I'm not so sure about it, but I also haven't studied the episode 1 costume in depth. With this said, that is why I got 30 yards, because down the road I plan to do the Mustafar weathered tunic from episode 3.

At this point I sat on the fabric for a few months, too afraid to mess with it because it was so pretty, and instead I started the belt. I used this tutorial from the Rebel Legion to construct it:

It was easy to follow and I'm very very happy with the end result. My only complaint is that the belt is not adjustable unless I add more snaps:

I'm not quite finished with the belt, I have to get the middle belt piece a bit tighter because it droops slightly when I'm wearing it. Also on Kenobi's leather belt keeper you see four silver snaps in each of the corners, so while my keeper snaps on the other side, I plan to add the snaps in as aesthetics. You can see said snaps very faintly here:

Then came the pouches. I am very very big on screen accuracy, and despite how some people feel the screen accurate pouches that Kenobi uses in episode 2 are 100% resin. He adds a leather one in episode 3, but he still has his resin ones as well. I would never recommend resin for a generic jedi, because if somehow it fell off your belt onto hard pavement...good bye resin pouch, additionally for every screen accurate Resin pouch out there there are 10 awful quality ones, BUT the screen used ones are resin, and I can be an accuracy nazi, so I purchased resin pouches, and painted them to look leather. You can see them finished in one of the belt pictures above. Here they are in their raw form:

I can't sculpt, so I bought them from another member in the rebel legion, but I followed this tutorial's methods for painting:

I had a friend help with this process greatly, and I'm glad I did because I would have probably used regular spray paint and messed them up, but by air brushing the layers of opaque and transparent work well together really getting that simulated leather look. I think they match my belt fantastically.

At this point I took a slight break and got distracted with a new lightsaber that I figured I could use for the generic version of the costume:

Then I moved on to the inner tunic. I can sew, but we have a person in my temple who takes local commissions and is truthfully 100x better than me. After not being happy with how my rebel legion jedi came out, I decided to commission her to make my tunic. For episode 2, the inner tunic is white/off white crinkle cotton material. I don't have the accurate pack of cigarettes yet to tuck into the pants(I don't smoke, but trust me I'll still do it), but I had her use this rare reference image to construct the inner tunic:

The material is very thin, but when you wear a white V-Neck undershirt under it, you can't see through it, and the neckline is low enough that you can't see the shirt either. Here is a picture of how it looks with my old rebel legion outer tunic on top of it, just so I could envision it properly:

Recently I got distracted by another lightsaber that I will use for the generic version of this costume:

I also currently commissioned the outer tunic from our temple's seamstress, and am currently waiting on that

As far as the boots go, I plan to get custom made boots for my kenobi from JDOS, who is perhaps the best star wars boot maker out there, but that will be some time from now as he is expensive and has a 5 month waiting list. For the time being I have a simple pair of funtasma boots that I can use for a generic Jedi

And as far as food capsules go, I have the three sets needed for kenobi. I forget where I got them from but I'm very pleased with the quality of them. I also have the screen accurate pen caps in a box should I ever get the energy to modify them, but I am happy with the ones I got so I don't know if I will

So, where I currently stand:
Inner Tunic: Done
Belt: 99% - Good enough for the generic version
Pouches: Done(want to get a leather one for the generic version)
Food Capsules: Done
Outer Tunic: In progress
Tabards: Not Done
Obi: Not Done
Saber: Done x2 for generic, needs requiring for Kenobi
Boots: Done for Generic, Not Done for Kenobi
Cloak: Not Done
Pants: Done
Covertec: Done
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PostSubject: Re: AOTC Kenobi / Generic Jedi   Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:26 pm

Thank you for sharing all of this! So far it's looking awesome and I can't wait to see what the end result looks like. Excellent hunting for the material and it's good you were able to find something so close to the Ep 2/3 material. I know a few Kenobis who have gone somewhat crazy looking for the stuff. Kudos!
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PostSubject: Re: AOTC Kenobi / Generic Jedi   Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:10 pm

Looks really good, and nice of you to post the links to the fabric.  I've seen the RL thread that you're referring to, and it was cool that you distilled their knowledge down and made it accessible to our membership. 

Looking forward to seeing the continued progress on your costumes.

L.C.C - Endor Temple
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PostSubject: Re: AOTC Kenobi / Generic Jedi   Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:05 am

Small update:

Currently ordering the Kenobi boots from a vendor in Russia. Will post a review of them when I get them. Slightly cheaper than going through JDOS, and hopefully quicker. Not sure the quality is quite there since I've never heard anything about the vendor(good or bad), but the pictures look good. Fingers crossed.

Also, looking into getting the Episode 2 Geonosis Kenobi Saber. The spare saber they toss him when the Jedi come to his rescue. A friend discovered that you can get pretty close through Saber Forge's Adaptive Saber parts. If I end up with this I'll have two potential choices of kenobi sabers for this costume, at some point though I gotta stop buying sabers and actually finish the costume :p :
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PostSubject: Re: AOTC Kenobi / Generic Jedi   

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AOTC Kenobi / Generic Jedi
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