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 Asajj Ventress WIP

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PostSubject: Asajj Ventress WIP    Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:01 pm

Hi all:

This is Flor almost finished Asajj Ventress costume, it is a combination of 2D (upper part) and 3D (lower part) with a tabard made of faux leather with a design in waist that is most likely to be fan made instead of one canon reference beside one picture from a cosplayer (2nd image)

She started the elaboration of this costume as personal project and started before our Temple get in contact with her, otherwise we would have guided her to make one of the classic or official parts of Ventress for the tabard.

Parts description update thanks to Rebecca M. Zobell:

Boots based on Sideshow collectible
Skirt based on comic book look

comments much appreciated

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Asajj Ventress WIP
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