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 Mission Report Format

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PostSubject: Mission Report Format   Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:48 am

[ltr]One of the things that helps us promote our organization are the Mission Reports that Temples are to submit to the Global Council after each event that a Saber Guild member participates. We cannot stress the importance of these Mission Reports. In the past, the write up have tended to be too short to utilize on the website. So moving forward we are requesting that temples submit these reports with all the required information.[/ltr]

The critical pieces of information are:

1. Name of the Event

2. Members that attended (with SG#)

3. Any other organizations included (501st, RL, Droids, Mandos, etc)

4. What SG Members did there (performance, training, etc)

[ltr]5. What charity or community organization was supported[/ltr]

6. Total donations raised

7. Hi-Resolution photos of SG members performing, group shots, interacting with fans, or candid shots.

8. Email the report to the Global Council at

An example of a written up Mission Report should look like this (of course the names were changed to protect the innocent) with photos attached:

On Saturday November 11-12, 2017, members of Yoda's Temple participated in Blah-Blah Con. Though it was a Power Rangers convention, Yoda's Temple took the lead in organizing and collecting donations for the American Red Cross earmarked for Hurricane Recovery Efforts. Yoda's Temple joined forces with the 501st, Rebel Legion, and Starfleet Region 3. All the groups worked towards the effort of raising funds by sharing their fandom and taking pictures with fans. Yoda's Temple Members included: Luke Skywalker, SG-XXX, Han Solo, SG-XXX, Darth Nastiness, SG-XXX, Lord Blah Blah, SG-XXX, Chewbacca Hairyfoot, SG-XXX, Lando Calrissian, SG-XXX, and unofficial member, C3P-O. Yoda's Temple conducted a Padawan Training for the children in attendance. Highlights were broadcasted by a local television station WBBB, Channel 60 during their news coverage of the event. For a Star Wars group to be covered over the Power Ranger stars that were in attendance, shows that Yoda's Temple was a highlight of the event. Yoda's Temple along with the other costume groups raised $448 for the American Red Cross.

Hope this helps you better understand what is needed for a post on the website as a result of your hard work for our organization!

As always reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
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Mission Report Format
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