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 Roster and Event Tracking Tool

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PostSubject: Roster and Event Tracking Tool   Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:12 am

Local Directors,

One of the most challenging things about running a temple is keeping track of members and recording attendance on events attended. I wanted to share with you the Roster and Event Tracking Tool that we use in Jakku Temple to keep track of member information (on the Roster Tab) and to track events by year (XXXX Troops Tab). This is just a helpful tool. You are not mandated to use this tool, but you should use something. A tool such as this will assist you in maintaining attendance throughout the year that will help you report on the census from year to year. 

The Roster tab has a column for the members name, SG number (good for Mission Reports), which affiliation their costume is (Jed, Sith or Both), position within the temple, their Forum Username, city they are in, email, birthday, and a comments section for additional information. To make it very easily referenced, I color coordinated each member to their affiliations (Red for Sith, Blue for Jedi, and Purple for both). 

The XXXX Troops Tab (XXXX is simply the year) helps you list out a short name of each troop (green banner along the top). By putting a number in the column of the attended troop it will tally a year end total for you. In the example I kept 2017 and 2018 as an example of how the troops get tallied and carried over from year to year. 

The Drop Down Data tab has all the menu information for the city information, affiliation, and position. If you need help with altering the drop downs let me know. You may or may not need the city information, it is just something we use because the area we cover is so vast that it helps us in planning.

As always any questions are encouraged.
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Roster and Event Tracking Tool
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