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 Meeting Notes

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PostSubject: Meeting Notes   Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:36 pm

Meeting Notes will be posted here.
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Posts : 24
Join date : 2016-12-06
Age : 43
Location : Miami, FL

PostSubject: Re: Meeting Notes   Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:38 pm

SaberGuild Dagobah Temple - January 2018 Meeting
Notes: Alfred

Future Meeting Ideas:
Costume Requirements: Measurements should be provided
Build a class meeting / schedule that consists of Practice & Costume Requirements
Develop handout for people when they join containing: Choreography - Basics to strikes/defenses - Handouts
Costuming requirements including helpful links

Ideas to Enhance our performances:
Buy Stand-up Curtains we can use as a stage area
instagram: Photo Booth Promotion - Put hashtag on Frame

Future meeting ideas:
Create a “Val” Costume Day
Shirt Themes: Bring your own Star Wars Shirt Day
Are you a SW Fan? 
Yoda & the Exile to Dagobah

Upcoming meeting ideas:
Imperial Board Game night 
Book Discussion night
SuperCon meets monthly, can we partner up with them - reach out to Mike
Geek Bar meeting

Focus of performances will be to maximize audience to greatest exposure
Upcoming Performance for 2018:
SuperCon (voted and approved)
Marlins (voted and approved)

Other Performance for 2018 (not voted or agreed upon):
Florida Panthers

Potential Troop for 2018:
Comic Book Day - May 5th potentially with Tate’s
DRI - March 3rd

Team agrees on current path of Banyan in the logo

Alfred - Vectorize and finish hi-composite logo artwork with approval
Alfred - Ask Kay if we can show stuff for research
???? - Reach out to 501st and RL to see if we can do a performance together
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??? - Email to Mike Broder

Next meeting lead: Ulysses
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Meeting Notes
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