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 FL Sith in the house

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PostSubject: FL Sith in the house   Mon May 27, 2013 11:58 pm

Hey everyone I'm Vincent, aka Darth Nefarious and I want to start a chapter of SG down here in FL, once I join that is. Anyway I am having some trouble naming my future chapter(temple) and I wondering if you people could help me. I do have some possible names so tell me what you think of each one:

1. Temple of the Force
2. Storm Blade Temple
3. Sunshine Temple
4. Sun Blade Temple
5. Nal Hutta Temple
6. Dalos 4 Temple
7. Dark Saber Temple

So there you have them, tell me what your opinion is on each one, the one that is most favored will be chosen & if anyone wants to join me in starting a temple down here let me know.
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FL Sith in the house
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