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PostSubject: MULTI CLUB EVENTS AT CELEBRATION CHICAGO   Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:12 pm


Calling all members: Troopers, Jedi, Bounty Hunters, Duelists, Sith, Younglings and Droids, incoming transmission from the Galactic Holonet News:

Special events have been launched for multi-club attendance at SWCC in 2019.  Be sure to check your forums for information on the following events:

A Night at Canto Bight: The Multi-Club Bash, Thursday April 11th beginning at 8pm! – We are taking over the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago ( to bring you this amazing event.  

For this night only, your planning team has arranged for an open bar (including beer, wine, spirits, and non alcoholic drinks) which will include a special themed drink the “R2DTini!”  There will be bar stations all through the venue!

In addition we have a stellar menu of snacking foods and appetizers that will be served at stations all through the venue including:


  • Wedge Salad, Angus Beef and Sharp Cheddar Sliders, BBQ Pulled Chicken Sliders, Southwest Black Bean Sliders with Avocado Cream (Vegan) Three Cheese Mac and Cheese, House Made Kettle Chips, Finnegan’s Ice Cream Station (Scoops and cones)!  


The team also has a fantastic night of Casino games planned and will be debuting a special poker chip series—it’s collectible, and at least one of them can only be gained by playing!  Sneak peek below for the curious!

This event is only open to club members and their guests at this time.

In addition to the open bar, and live casino games, and all the museum exhibits, we have a great schedule of LIVE music and DJ’s including the following:

DJ Elliot: with Emcees Mark Daniel and David Collins

Live performances from Blues Harvest!

Live performances from Darth Elvis & The Imperials!

Live performances from Wesley and the Crushers!

The Banquet at Maz Kanata’s Palace, Saturday April 13th at 8pm– at this event your team is working on a very special item to be given to all attendees of the banquet, this one is a surprise for now, but your team may have a sneak peek coming very soon.  In the meantime, the planned menu for this event includes:


  • Taste of Chicago at the Palace : Chicago Style Small All Beef Hotdogs and Veggie Dogs, with Buns; Yellow Mustard, Sweet Relish, Sport Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions and Celery Salt Station, Black Bean Sliders, Taylor Street Beef with Mini Italian Roll Sweet Peppers, Onions and Extra Beef Jus on the Side Station, Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Station, House Made Potato Chips, Cesar Salad with (Caesar dressing and a vinaigrette on the side), Gourmet Popcorn Mix (Cheddar, Butter, Caramel) Station, Chicago Style Cheesecake Bar with assorted Toppings Station


This event is only open to club members and their guests at this time.

Your planning team has also arranged for entertainment during our time at Maz’s Palace, with music provided by DJ Elliott!  

SILENT AUCTION--- We will also be offering a silent auction featuring many different donated items that may include original art work, autographed books, exclusive collectibles, helmets, armor, props, and much more.  All the proceeds from this silent auction will benefit Make-A-Wish!  

The Traders Meetup at Tosche Station, Friday April 12th at 8pm! – if you trade or collect patches, pins, coins or other merchandise from the different groups, this is the place for you.  There is a special participation raffle planned, so be sure to bring extra items to trade in for a ticket and put into the drawing!  This event is only open to club members and their guests at this time.

Information for all these events can be found on these forums:

501st Legion:

Rebel Legion:


The Dark Empire:  

The Dark Empire Facebook Group:

Saber Guild:  

Droid Builders:

Galactic Academy:

The planning teams are very excited about these events, and cannot wait to see you all there.  

End Transmission

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