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 Greetings from Apple Valley!

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PostSubject: Greetings from Apple Valley!   Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:31 am

Hey folks!

It's great to be here. My name's Jim Gallant and I live up in Apple Valley, up in the desert. I hope to join and learn a few things and hopefully participate in the action.

Some of you may remember me from the Hillsides Orphanage in Pasadena last year. I got to meet a few of you and I had a great time. Watching the show was awesome and I knew then I wanted to help out and join up, if I may.

Just got my ultrasaber recently, an Aeon v3 in green. I reworking my costume, which is my like sixth iteration. Since I don't look like a face character, I made my own based from the Star Wars Roleplaying character I had. His name is Lazlo Toth, and My tunic is a dark brown with beige trousers. pretty basic stuff.

I've been a member of the Rebel Legion quietly since 2007, but have only recently trooped in the last year or so. I'm also with the Jedi Assembly, since about 2010, though I've been friends with many of those people since 2004. I don't get to troop much, due to my distance, but I've got a great job now, and it's allowing me to do a little more. I hope to get more events in than last year, which I did 4. I plan to join the 501st and Mando mercs as well, I'm working on a Kal Skirata costume, since it seems to fit my size and characteristics pretty well. I may need to talk to Robb about a Mando helmet. Anyway..... Oh, I tend to ramble a bit....

I have some pics up at facebook that you can see here...
Jim's Facebook page...

If you have any questions, please ask! I hope to see you all soon.

Jim Gallant
aka, Lazlo Toth, Jedi Knight
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Boj-Vaati Mau
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PostSubject: Re: Greetings from Apple Valley!   Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:38 pm

Howdy Jim, from Jim!
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Greetings from Apple Valley!
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