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 San Diego Comic Con June 9-12 2015

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PostSubject: San Diego Comic Con June 9-12 2015   Tue May 12, 2015 4:06 pm

With San Diego ComicCon coming up, it is important to understand who will be eligible to perform.

The show we are doing will be very much like the WonderCon show, but with some differences in soundtrack and clips.

If you performed in WonderCon, you have a good shot at being in the SDCC show, as you already have experience with what we are doing.
What it comes down to now, to keep your spot in that show, you must continue to attend practices and fine tune your fights.
Per charter, you must attend and practice at 6 of the 8 practices leading up to that event and you MAY NOT miss the last 2 practices. May 19th starts the 8 weeks, so keep that in mind.

In addition, some may be required to update your costumes, especially Rebels era costumes. Feel free to discuss this with me, Andrew, or Sal.

SDCC Performance Requirements:

1. Acceptable costume fitting either prequels or Rebels era.

2. High quality choreography.

3. Regular practice attendance or weekly updated progress videos of proposed choreography must be submitted for quality control.

4. Active Saber Guild event attendance at past events.

SDCC is not a standard event and should be considered a reward for past participation, due to the nature of the event and availability of tickets.

Essentially, if you haven't been there for the charity events, you shouldn't be permitted to reap the rewards of the hard work.

As Global Director, you may come to me with any concerns and I will address them directly.

Thank you for your confidence.
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San Diego Comic Con June 9-12 2015
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