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 Salutations from Southern Ohio

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Po-guay M'aku


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PostSubject: Salutations from Southern Ohio   Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:33 pm


came across your group a little while ago and thought I'd take a gander at what you guys were about.

I've read this group's membership requirements and mission statement.  I like what I see and it makes sense.  

As a former active member of the Rebel Legion (not sure what my status is these days) as well as a one time Saber group founder (didn't work out so well due to personal conflicts at the time) and all around Saber enthusiast,  I have a few questions regarding the locationally challenged and what communication there is between temples:   

- do you have an established choreography format that is shared or is it localized training by temple?  

- what is your policy concerning solo saber demos?  

- is there any advice concerning recruitment and practice venues?  (pinning down a public venue for regular practice was always problematic)

I hope to get back into saber swinging, but I am taking it slow this time  Smile  

may the force be with you
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Salutations from Southern Ohio
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