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 Call for help

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PostSubject: Call for help   Call for help Icon_minitimeThu Mar 02, 2017 5:01 pm

Hi guys, so shit happened and the fried who had to come with me to the celebration in Orlando didn't manage to get the days off form work, so I will be traveling to the states alone. This means I had to change my plans and I will be staying in Miami for 3/4 days before going to Orlando, so I can enjoy some time in Florida (tickets from Sweden to Miami are like 700$ and I felt like it was a missed opportunity to just go to the celebration). That said, first is there someone that can host me for like 3 nights in Miami (maybe from the Miami temple or something), as a student studying abroad my budget is very limited, I can cook some delicious Italian food as a payment. Second, is somebody still looking for an accommodation near the convention center? I was planning to get a room in one of the conventions hotels and the single room costs as much as a double room, so if anyone or if you know anyone who is still looking for a room and doesn't mind sharing one just tell me
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Call for help
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