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 Interest Thread: San Diego Area Clubs Trivia Night

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Interest Thread: San Diego Area Clubs Trivia Night Empty
PostSubject: Interest Thread: San Diego Area Clubs Trivia Night   Interest Thread: San Diego Area Clubs Trivia Night Icon_minitimeWed Dec 16, 2020 12:09 am

We are considering running a trivia night for Imperial Sands Garrison, Sunrider Base, Haran'Galaar, Jedha Temple, San Diego Droid Builders, and Crimson Empire Spire.  This would be something fun for all of us in San Diego to do together while we are still unable to troop.

We would be using Sunset Trivia ( to run the game over Zoom.  If you ever participated in Sunset Trivia bar trivia in San Diego, it will be similar to that.  Currently Sunset Trivia meets on Wednesday nights over Zoom and holds private trivia events for hire.

The cost for having Sunset Trivia run this is $200 for a 1-hour Zoom event or $300 for a 2-hour event for up to 75 people.  If we go over 75 participants, then the costs are $100 more.  The more people participating, the more the price per person decreases.

Before we commit, we wanted to gauge your interest in playing.  Please respond to the following questions.
Are you interested in participating in trivia?

Are you willing to pay a price to play based on the number of participants?
Would you prefer the trivia to be Star Wars specific or random general trivia covering a variety of topics (history, science, movies, books, TV, pop-culture, etc.)?
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Interest Thread: San Diego Area Clubs Trivia Night
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